Business Building Seminars Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

This 2 hour workshop is one of the most important tools for your Real Estate business. You will learn how to cultivate leads from your friends, family and past clients. Get your list of contacts together to take advantage of tools in this session.

Learn how to make thousands of dollars from an open house. Eliminate passive methods of waiting for business to arrive. This lively session will outline proactive methods of increasing traffic to your open house while ensuring that visitors will want to hire you to represent them.

Open House

Learn to be aware of the multitude of situations that can occur at this stressful and exciting stage of the marketing process.
Your proficiency will increase with practice exercises designed to help understand the psychology of buyers and sellers.

Your clients deserve to know the best options available for their financing needs. Learn what questions to ask and be fully informed in order to guide them in their financial future.

Learn the procedures necessary to obtain a listing. Prepare your personalized powerpoint listing presentation to ensure success when meeting with home sellers.

One of the most effective ways to prospect is through door knocking and cold calling. Learn what to say, the importance of your database, using the Do Not Call List, the importance of enthusiasm and how to schedule and make prospecting a habit.

Become the most informed professional in your area by being aware of important rules and regulations in the industry. Case studies and discussions will reveal the importance of recognizing potential legal and ethical dilemmas.

A thorough understanding of the Buyer Representation and Buyer Customer Service Agreements are covered in this session. Understanding your duties end expressing the benefits to the potential buyer client are explored and reviewed as well as dealing with “Mere Postings”. Create your personal presentation and effectively convey the content to the potential Buyer.